Evasive Entrepreneurs and the Future of Governance: How Innovation Improves Economies and Governments

In Adam Thierer’s new book  Evasive Entrepreneurs, the successor to Permisionless Innovation, he examines how evasive entrepreneurs—innovators who don’t always conform to social or legal norms—are changing the world and challenging their governments.

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Evasive entrepreneurialism can also play a role to constrain unaccountable government activities that fail to reflect common sense or the consent of the governed. With technological civil disobedience, evasive entrepreneurship help act as checks and balances to rein in the state, make government more transparent and accountable to the governed, and ensure the rights of the people are upheld. 

Who are evasive entrepreneurs? Are there too many barriers to entry in the technology field? How does tech enable civil disobedience? What tech is ‘born free’? What is a regulatory risk? What is the pacing problem with technology? What is the precautionary principle?

These are all questions explored in Evasive Entrepreneurs.

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